InmoHouse 3000 :: Real Estate in Fuerteventura, rental and selling of houses, flats, apartments, bungalows, villas, duplex, business premises, industrial buildings, lands,... in Fuerteventura


Inmohouse 3000 is a new business, a real estate to offer the clients a vaste range of real estate properties of different types in Fuerteventura: Studies, apartments, villas, bungalows, chalets, houses, business offices, industrial, lands, bars, coffee bars,...

Fuerteventura is a quiet island, we offer our clients the best service to be able to offer them the property they are looking for to achieve their needs of living or business.

In this dinamyc website we show information about real estate properties we are selling, if you are looking for any different that is not published in this website please tell us your requirements.

We have other added services as:

  • Fligths and car-rentals
  • Hotels bookings with special discounts
  • Properties management and maintenance (painting, gardens, pool, cleaning...)


We have a vaste range of real estate properties in Fuerteventura. Some of the services we offer are: selling ang renting of houses in Fuerteventura, selling and buying of flat in Fuerteventura, villas for sale in Fuerteventura, bungalows for sale, renting and selling of apartments, duplex and garages in Fuerteventura, renting and selling of industrial buildings, renting and selling of business premises, business offices selling, coffee bars, bars and business selling.